Thursday, December 6, 2012

Red and Black

Front 3/4 My Kogswell P/R porteur is my go-to bike around town and even takes on occasional short brevet duty. It's got a big porteur rack from Roseland that attaches to the fork crown and mid-fork braze-ons. I also have a custom front boxy porteur bag from Ruth Works Bags. Slowly, the bike's color scheme has moved toward red and black.

A note for my bikeThe frame is black, as well as the saddle, the brakes, the rear derailleur, the downtube shifters, the rack, and the bag. Red parts are less numerous, but certainly stand out--handlebar tape, derailleur pulleys, and now tires, which are Soma B-line tires. I like them in black, but I like them in red even more. They are nice, smooth and quiet tires that are cheaper and last longer than my other favorite Grand Bois red Hetres. I really like how my bike looks and functions right now, apparently, someone else thinks so, too.