Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Waiting for my Ebisu

The last time I talked to Iimura-san at Jitensha Studio was close a month ago. At that time he told me my ebisu should arrive in early March. Since then I have built up two 650b bikes--a Rawland Sogn for my friend and a Kogswell P/R for myself. Even though my impluse tells me to pick up the phone and get yet another update from Jitensha Studio with an outside chance that the frameset arrives early, I decided to resist the urge and just wait for another week. I believe I have all the parts ready, except for a set of fenders.

People who have been following the update of my parts list know what I have. I have now decided to go with the friction shifters at the downtube to reduce cable housings in the front. I intend to use the Grand Bois Hetres, even though Iimura-san does not recommend it for fender-line issue. I hope that the VO Zepelin fenders (52mm) will work out, even if the fender lines cannot be perfect. I have a few brevet events, a couple of hard centuries, and several challenging casual rides lined up, and I am really looking forward to building the Ebisu up and start riding it.

Hopefully the next time I ride about the Ebisu project will be about the process of building it up, instead of waiting for it.
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