Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Red Hetres for Pink Sequoia

New tires for the sequoia

I got a pair of low-mileage white Grand Bois Hetres and put them on my Ebisu All-Purpose, and put them red Hetres that has been on the Ebisu since the bike was new on my pink Sequoia. I know it has been done before, but here it is again, the Hetres fit fine in between the stays without modification to this frame that was designed for 700x28mm tires. The front fork is now a Kogswell Konversion fork and fits the Hetres fine. Even the Tanaka fenders, which was intended to be used for 700cx35mm tires and was formed to fit 650b wheels/tires using a technique demonstrated here by Somervillain, accommodate the Hetres well with a set of good fender lines.

Other new-to-it parts include the Fizik Arione Saddle and an old pair of XT triple crankset repurposed as a double (these use spacers for the small ring).  I am experimenting with the Fizik saddle for long-distance riding. My only experience on it now is a 65-mile ride around Mt Tam last weekend. And though it definitely was different and less comfortable than the cushy old Terry Liberator saddle I had on the bike before, it didn't make me suffer too much. Perhaps I can make it work better with some more adjustments.

New tires for the sequoia

So far my experience with the Hetres on the Sequoia has only been on short around-town errands. They are noticeably faster and more comfortable than the near-new pair of Panaracer Col de la Vie tires. I noticed recently when I replaced the old, worn-out-but-smooth Panaracer Col de la Vie tires with a new-but-grippy pair, that the speed and comfort level suffered. These Panaracer tires are still great for touring and riding on unpaved roads (or both at the same time), but Hetres are definitely superior (now if only they can be cheaper).
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