Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sequoia now pink

Drive side

I got the Sequoia back from the powdercoater yesterday. I chose RAL3017, which is antique pink, and color-wise the paint job turned out very well. Nor Cal Powdercoating in Ukiah did a very decent job. Most of the frameset has very even and not overly thick layer of paint. The only complaints I have are that the paint is too thick in a couple of spots below the bottom bracket shell, and that the painter didn't cover the threaded holes for the dropout adjusters and so I won't be able to put dropout adjusting screws in there anymore (I lost one in there after breaking it trying to screw it in this morning, and had to drill it out).

Another angle of bottom bracket shell
Paint is a little too thick under the bottom bracket shell; the thread here needs to be chased

Now the bottom bracket shell is being chased, headtube faced, and headset installed. I should get it back tomorrow and build it up. It will be mostly the same components as before with 3 changes: the rear honjo fender was cracked, so I bought a set of Tanaka 45mm smooth alloy fenders to replace the set; the brakes will be silver Tektro 720, and the handlebar will be a more traditional drop bar--VO Grand Cru classic round bars.
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