Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday mid-day fixed gear workout

This is a short week. The forecast has rain coming for the next two days. I decided to get a short ride in before the rain comes. I took my il-pompino out. I touched the chain at a few spots to determine if it needs some lubes. It seemed fine. I rode through the Cal campus toward Hearst Gate. Today, I am taking a different route up the hill. Euclid is a quieter though at places steeper climb than Spruce. At a few pitches I was struggling to stay on my bike with its 40x17 gearing. After a hill past the Rose Garden, the grade eases and I was able to relax on my saddle. I have been riding Lomas Contadas over the last few weekends and my legs felt stronger today. Several times I got off my saddle to speed up on the ascent on Grizzly Peak. There were some minor squeaking noises coming from the drivetrain. I got off my bike at one point to check and concluded that it must be the chain--should have lubed it before riding.

I got to the top faster than usual. After stretching my legs some and took some pictures, I spinned like a madman downhill. I didn't get rained on and enjoyed a wonderful ride. I will be visiting Ukiah for the weekend, and may get to ride Orr Spring road, which is scenic but very hilly. I will report on that when I get back.
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